A digital mockup of the Wooly Top's website on a laptop.

Wooly Tops

Logo | Brand Identity | Shopify Website | Illustrations | Print & Digital Collateral | Labels

A small batch textile business focused on creating quilts and blankets, small accessories and knitted items using natural fibres, all crafted by a single maker. The name Wooly Tops was the owner, Lori Lane’s nickname in high school. A nod to her childhood, when she learned to create the pieces she makes today.

The Wooly Tops logo overlaid on an image of three quilts hanging in a large tree.
A mockup of the business cards designed for Wooly Tops.

The goal was to provide Wooly Tops with an identity that reflects their name and product line in an effort to gain brand awareness and later develop digital and print collateral. Once the identity was developed, a Shopify website was designed and built using photographs taken by the talented Alex Stead.

A mockup of the Fungi Friends mushroom fabrics illustrated for Wooly Tops.
A close-up of a Wooly Tops Kindred quilt showcasing the custom fabric and label.
A digital mockup of the Wooly Top's website on a mobile device.
A digital fabric swatch of the Fishies illustration, created for Wooly Tops.

Using the brand's color palette, custom illustrations were drawn and then turned into fabrics that are used as part of the Wooly Tops Kindred collection including "Friends in the Bed", "Fishies", "Fungi Friends" and more.

A close-up of the Wooly Tops patio blanket in collaboration with Terre. The patch was designed by Aprille.
A mockup of the Friends in the Bed fabric, illustrated just for Wooly Tops by Aprille.