A digital mockup displaying the jacklope june website on a laptop.

jackalope june

Logo | Brand Identity

Jackalope June is a small business focused on creating traditional Newfoundland children’s products that are safe, sustainable and made with care. Previously know as Kara Lynn Designs, the owner, Kara, was looking for a new logo and brand identity to go with her new name.

Symbolizing the growth of the brand, we expanded upon the original logo, a bunny, by adding antlers and transforming it into a jackalope. We opted for a soft color palette, a subdued take on the primary colors, and paired it with a playful font to create a personal and child-like feeling.

The jacklope june logo overlaid on top of a photo of a dress.
The jackalope june sublogos.
The jackalope june color palette.
A digital mockup of the jackalope june fabric swatches designed by Aprille.
A collection of the jackalope june icons.